Project case sharing
Selected cases for you to show , Help you better understand the efficient development of the platform 、 Fast iteration 、 Stable and reliable 、 Cost saving
Selected cases
G2 Crowd
G2 Crowd is an enterprise service software product evaluation platform , Its like Yelp or Yelp for enterprise services software , Except the object is To Bs software and services 。
G2 Growd makes it easier for users to choose the best software products based on other users reviews and experiences 。
Le Caesar Pizza Catering Management Co. LTD
Le Caesar Pizza Catering Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 Years , Currently in Shenzhen 、 Guangzhou 、 Shanghai 、 The number of stores in Suzhou has exceeded 150 Home 。 With the rapid development and expansion of the enterprise , Lecar realized that there was a growing demand for IT 、 More and more complicated , IT competitiveness is one of the core competitiveness of enterprises , Le Caisar set up a special Le Jia cloud computing IT company , Existing 40 Human products 、 Research and development 、 Data analysis team , Strengthen the layout of IT competitiveness 。
Le Cesar 2015 Obtained Sequoia Capital A round of financing in 2007 , The durian pizza category pioneered by Le Caesar Pizza has a good reputation , Now popular all over the country 。
Udacitys mission is to democratize education 。 It is an educational platform for cutting-edge technology , Provided by Google 、 Big companies like Salesforce design programs to help workers master basic skills , So they can find web developers 、 Work as a mobile developer or data scientist 。
Udacitys courses cost much less than attending a traditional university 。
Singapore Trafigura Group
Trafigura of Singapore Group (Trafigura Pte Ltd) Founded in 1993 Years , Headquartered in Singapore ,
Its a private company in Singapore ( Unlisted company ) Multinational commodity trading company , Deals in base metals and energy , Including oil , Trafigura is the worlds largest privately owned metals trader 、 It is also the second largest private oil trader in the world 。
Fortune Capital Management Limited
Industry live broadcast is an online video live broadcast platform owned by Fuhui Capital , Platform provides HD 、 Fast 、 Smooth live video service , Including finance and economics 、 Physical education 、 Game 、 Entertainment 、 Education and other types of popular live streaming 。
All industries , Any scale , Theyre all using Codebank